Garage Door Springs – Efficient Operating Mechanism

Garage door springs are used to support the garage door in the opening and closing process. The torsion and extension springs are the two types of operating mechanisms. Both types of springs are risky and complicated to handle but the torsion springs are trickier and more dangerous to install, adjust, or replace than extension springs. Click on the link to get more information about garage door springs.

Extension springs are installed on lighter garage doors such as metal sectional garage doors and one solid piece tilt-up garage door. These springs are hanging on the garage door from its top and are anchored near the backside of the upper track. You can install or adjust the extension springs on your own. However, some safety risks are involved in the process of extension springs repair or replacement. They can be dangerous if you do not conscious and follow the instructions correctly.

Torsion springs are installed on a heavier garage door. These springs are mounted at the top of a garage door. These springs should be installed, repaired, or replaced by professional garage door technicians. Torsion springs have been known as a major cause of injuries or even deaths. Weighted garage doors can be challenging to handle as they normally weigh 400 to 600 pounds so, the powerful and strong springs are used to support the garage door. These springs have caused serious injuries even to professionals.

If you have kids at home, educate them to never play around the garage door especially when it is going up or down. Furthermore, you should install the buttons out of the range of kids. It will help you to avoid potential accidents caused by broken springs. No matter how much you educate them, kids will want to play with the garage doors out of curiosity. Even the well-maintained and premium quality springs will need to be replaced due to general wear and tear. To avoid serious damages, it is good to conduct regular check-ups to find the damages and treat them accordingly.

Garage door springs replacement cost starts from $100 to $500. Garage door repair or replacement is a costly project, so search around to compare the prices. Well, the cost is not a determining factor, the quality of services also matters. It might be worth it to spend more to avoid accidents. Garage door springs absorb a high amount of pressure when the garage door is closing. So, if the garage door does not open due to broken springs, it will not hurt anyone. If spring breaks while the garage door opens, it may fall and hurt someone.

The strength and life of garage door springs are determined through various elements such as, frequency of usage, maintenance routines, quality of springs, and compatibility with the garage door.  These springs are powerful and dangerous devices that should be maintained. Make sure to inspect them periodically to keep them in a good working position. It will help you to prevent many accidents due to broken springs. If you are in need of garage door spring replacement, it is always best to hire a professional garage door expert to do this.