Garage Door and Its Operating Mechanism

Rusted garage door springs:

Rusted garage door springs are a common problem because garage doors will have to great deal with extreme weather, rain, dampness, and snow. Rust on springs puts a high amount of friction on the metal coils which then corrodes the coils and weaken the springs. This problem can easily be prevented by conducting regular maintenance and adjustment to the torsion springs. The cleaning and lubrication process should be conducted every 6 months at the very least. For more details, advice, and professional suggestions, please visit here

Improper springs adjustments:

Different garage door operating systems have different types of springs. Some springs are longer which are created with thinner wire while other is shorter which with thicker wires. The measurement and size depend on the size of the garage door and opener. If you have installed a wrong sized spring, it will weaken your garage door and eventually break down.

Wear and tear of garage door:

As with all the electric equipment, frequent usage may result in breakage in the end. The negligence of maintenance with continuous use, the quicker it will reach its end limit. The garage door is designed to open and close again and again but under some assumptions. It is a standard guideline that the garage door is opened and closed twice a day. Overuse will result in burnt motor and damaged garage door springs.   

Keep an eye on loose garage door hardware:

You should be familiar with the mechanism of the garage door. You know how to look after the garage door. At least once a month, inspect all the moving parts of the garage door to make sure that they should be tightened and secured. Check if something is looking rusted or worn out especially around the wires and cables of the garage door. Pay attention to unusual sounds coming from the garage door. You can also schedule an annual inspection and check-ups with a professional garage door technician. In addition to this, make sure that the photo eye which received signals from the remote control should be cleaned. Try to wipe it with a damp cloth from time to time. It plays an important role in keeping the garage doors functional.  

Check the balance of the garage door:

Test the balance of the garage door by releasing the emergency release cord. It will disconnect the garage door from the opener and you will be able to lift the garage door by hand. Your garage door should be opened and closed smoothly with ease. If you experienced any hard operations or resistances to open or close without staying at its position, it shows wrongly adjusted springs. This problem should be handled by a professional garage door expert. These springs are operated at an incredibly high amount of pressure which can be dangerous. Don’t risk your life and hire a professional garage door expert to deal with it.