Tips for Garage Door Maintenance

One important job that most people overlook is garage door repair and maintenance service. Even the most conscientious people forget to inspect and maintain the garage door periodically. However, it is extremely important to inspect and test the garage door because some failures and malfunctioning such as broken garage door springs and dented tracks can be inconvenient and dangerous as well.

Before you inspect or maintain the garage door system, make sure to keep a few important safety points in your mind. First of all, whenever you perform garage door repair and maintenance services, make sure that everyone especially the children is away from the working place.

Keep your hands away from moving hardware such as hinges and springs. Don’t pinch your figures between the moving panels of a garage door. Remember simple garage door problems can be handled on your own but a majority of complex garage door problems need the expertise of professional garage door services such as, Alief garage door repair so whenever you find a trouble with your garage door, call them immediately instead of handling it on your own.

Start your inspection and maintenance work by examining the garage door springs. You will find these springs at the top of the garage door or along each side of the garage door tracks. Check them thoroughly to find out the cracks and other signs of wear and tear. The problems of loud sound can easily be treated using any high-quality silicone spray but if it is a matter of other damage, it is time to call a professional garage door technician. These heavy-duty springs are under extreme pressure that can be dangerous to handle so it is not a good job for amateurs.

In the next step, check the mounting brackets that attached the cables to the springs. These brackets should be securely connected to the garage door. The loose brackets should be tightened and damaged ones should be replaced. You can perform this task on your own but don’t forget the tension of garage door springs. The recent models of garage doors use tamper-resistant brackets which need to be installed and adjusted by professional garage door experts. In the next step, inspect the cables to find out the deterioration. Make sure that cables should not frayed or broken. If they are, call professional garage door technicians to replace them. Stay away from them as they could cause serious injuries.

If you have an automatic garage door, it is equipped with safety sensors to avoid the garage door from closing on something or someone. These tiny eyes are placed near the ground at the bottom corner of the frame. Make sure that both eyes are aligned and free from debris. Make sure that they function properly to ensure that the garage door is working correctly.

Finally check the weather stripping around the garage door. The holes and cracks can lead to temperature control which increases the energy bills. Replace the broken stripping to ensure a good seal around the garage door.

By spending ten to fifteen minutes inspecting the garage door, you will ensure that every part of the garage door will function properly. Any faulty part can be quickly fixed by professional garage door technicians. It will make you able to rest assured, knowing your garage door poses no risk to you or your family.